How long will it take to have my memorial delivered?2014-06-05T18:56:48-04:00

A memorial generally is delivered 4-6 weeks after approval of your computer drawing. Factors that can lengthen that time are custom etchings, special order granite, and photographic inlays.

Do you know the regulations for the cemetery?2014-06-05T18:55:03-04:00

We have extensive listings for cemeteries in Michigan and can acquire information easily for any we do not have. Our experienced staff will help you with size regulations and foundation requirements.

Can you match my mothers/fathers/(etc.) stone?2014-06-05T18:53:49-04:00

Yes. We can match most any color, size, shape and design you want.

My dad was a veteran. Can you get the plaque from the Government2014-06-05T18:52:12-04:00

Your funeral director will help you order the plaque. We can mount the plaque on the memorial you purchase from us.

Do people order pre-planned memorials for themselves?2014-06-05T18:47:42-04:00

Yes. This is very common. Designing your own memorial ensures that your marker is made as you wish. This can be comforting to your loved ones in their time of grief.

How much does a monument cost?2014-06-05T18:44:21-04:00

The cost will vary based upon size, material, finish, design, color and in some cases extra items such as ceramic photos or vases. Remember, quality will make a difference.

Who will install my memorial?2018-04-16T16:38:04-04:00

We normally install the memorials we make. There are some cemeteries that require that they do the installation; in this situation Superior simply delivers the memorial to the cemetery.

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