Thompson Mausoleum

The Thompson mausoleum in Ludington Michigan is an 8 crypt walk-in mausoleum made entirely of Dakota Mahogany Granite. It features a custom stained glass window by TerHarr Studios of New York and Waukegan Bronze doors. The Thompson family has created an exquisite legacy for future generations to gather at for interment. They are comforted knowing [...]

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Holiday Grave Decoration

When we grieve the loss of someone, we also grieve the loss of the rituals we shared. While we can’t be with them on the holiday, we can still interact with them symbolically and feel a connection. In American culture there is pressure to let go and move on after a loss but [...]

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More than a Marker

Cultural Heritage - What is it? There was an interesting post on an artist community blog recently.  It was about the effects of cultural heritage in our modern world. Not exactly something that comes to mind every day, right? What is it exactly? Culture heritage is defined as a connection to social values, tradition, beliefs [...]

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Our Color Layouts Provide Security of Knowing that It will be Done Right

A rendered drawing is part of our service to your family and free of charge when you place an order for a grave marker or monument. A colored layout ensures that you see what your memorial will look like before any work is done. You will be able to not only make sure that the [...]

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