This is a reality at cemeteries: People move away, they get busy, next of kin die, and before long, a grave site has had no visitor. Upkeep is generally the responsibility of loved ones, so when it’s neglected, the grass becomes overgrown and the stone starts to erode. Many people will feel bad they haven’t visited or taken care of the family gravities but it may be impossible for them to do.

Superior Monument is recommending one possible solution for your family. Hire a professional.

Heaven’s Maid is a growing business that will clean your family makers and send you a picture of the finished work. The cleaning solution they use is the same one we use on our families markers.

Follow the link for more information or give them a call. The web link will also give the referred customer a $10 discount on all Heaven’s Maid services or pick up a discount card in our showroom.