Purchasing a Monument in Muskegon

Gravestone, cemetery marker, tombstone, monument, gravemarker, headstone… there are a lot of different names for the cemetery grave marker. There are also a lot of questions you may have about them. Getting information about headstones will help you make an informed choice when the time comes for your family to design this permanent memorial.

Where do I buy a marker?

The best place to get a marker is from a monument dealer. We are the experts. We can provide you with the most options and the best pricing. We also work directly with cemeteries to ensure proper placement and that all requirements are met. You are under no obligation to buy a marker from a cemetery or a funeral home.

What is a headstone made of?

The most common grave marker is usually made of granite. Granite is quarried all over the world and cut into the shapes and sizes that a monument dealer requests. Monument grade granite is different than architectural or counter top granite. It is harder and more dense and is considered the best material for a gravestone because of the durability. Other types of material used are bronze and marble.

What can I expect to spend on a monument?

The cost of a marker depends on too many variables to be able to answer that question in general. The color of the granite, the shape and the size can all affect the price. There are additions that can change the price such as porcelain pictures, laser etching, MeM code, or vases. Also involved are cemetery fee’s and foundation costs. We do our best to narrow everything down for you depending on your situation. A free consultation will help you understand the choices and we will be able to give you a quote based on your needs and desires.

There are many more questions that you will have and lot a decisions that will be made. Whether you are buying for a family member or planning for the future and buying for yourself, we would be happy to be a part of helping you making those decisions. You can be confident that we will take care of all the details and you will have a beautiful, lasting tribute for future generations to appreciate.

If you have other questions please read or FAQs and contact us anytime.