Veterans Memorial Park in Muskegon, MI, which was originally built in 1928 and dedicated in 1934, has undergone many changes in the last 80 years. The most recent being a new design of the north end adding a new parking lot, and the obelisk and other monuments currently located in a triangular patch of land on the north side, moved to an area specifically for the monuments. The park would be made barrier-free for those with disabilities. Flags will be lit up at night.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, the largest of the monuments in the park , the obelisk, was moved to the new foundation. Many groups and veterans advocates are working on several improvements to the park. We are pleased to be part of the process and along with Erickson Crane and one of the nations top experts on large scale monuments, Tom Ogelsby from Keystone Memorials, Superior Monument moved the 4 piece, 40,000 lb monument to it’s new home. The monument is now secured with rods and is completely stable. The new construction of the flag poles, lighting and walkways, which are being worked on, will help the park live up to it’s claim of “Michigan’s Most Beautiful Mile“.

Superior Monument has been part of many monument projects in the park including the Battle of the Bulge, Purple Heart, Vietnam benches, and many of the individual memorials on the pathways. We are always proud and honored to be part of this amazing memorial park and incredible tribute to all of our Muskegon Veterans.

Below are a few links to recent news stories about the plans and the history of the park: